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For every 10,000 people who read this book,
only 1 will attain the immortal condition.
Do you have what it takes to be The One?

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Teachings of the Immortals

So... you want to live forever?

An excerpt from the book's introduction...

Believe what you will.  Tell yourself this is all only a writer’s fantasy if it will make you sleep better.  But in the end, you probably wouldn’t be drawn to this website or this book if you didn’t already have some similar story to share, some similar encounter with the unknown which changed your life forever. The simple truth is that in 1994, a group of us began to receive letters which seemingly appeared at random on the computer in my office.

Letters from an immortal "vampyre". 

At first, the letters were largely playful and, yes, seductive.  We were being courted, we were told.  We were being tested.  We were being considered as candidates for immortality – and yet, it was not as simple as the Hollywood depictions make it seem – not as simple as inviting a vampyre into one’s bedroom and exchanging blood.  The letters were not just seductions.  They were teachings – outlining what can only be defined as a systematic undoing of the programs and belief systems which hold us prisoners to the consensual mortal world – the “dayshine world”.

Over a period of several years, we were instructed via these letters, as well as through numerous Ouija board sessions and gnosis-trance-channelings.  What we were being taught was essentially the process of self-willed evolution – the evolution from mortal to immortal, the transmogrification of human to vampyre.  What we were being guided to *see* was that it is our own mind which creates reality – but the hardest part is getting past the programming which tells us we are but impotent children in meat suits wandering aimlessly through the garden, at the whim of some god or goddess.  The hardest part is giving ourselves permission to explore beyond the box, outside of the matrix, past the confines of Plato’s cave. 

What we were being taught, ultimately, was how to visualize, nurture, create, and manifest our own vampyre twin: the immortal other, the higher self, the dreaming body.  There are dozens of names for it throughout the various cultures, but it all comes down to one thing:  we have within ourselves the ability to be anything we choose to be:  including vampyre, immortal, eternal and infinite. 




Part Seduction, Part Philosophy, Part Quantum Magick...
Three brief excerpts from The Teachings...


The Ruby Slippers
The danger of the consensual continuum is that its natural gravity exists at the lowest common denominator of human experience, and because of this it will automatically make you forget those elusive truths you've fought to learn, and before you know it you're lost in petty dramas again, sinking into the mire of old familiar scripts.

The only way to overcome this is to be continually cavorting with worlds and events beyond human experience, journeying into the unknown so that it can become known, expanding knowledge and awareness to become more than you were, bringing back from the Dreaming those secrets which will teach you how to use the ruby slippers to transport yourself over the rainbow to the vampyre wizard's secret lair.

This is the nature of reality: to be precisely what perception dictates, as solid and whole as your interpretation of it, or as changeable and eternal as you permit it to be.

It wasn't knowledge god tried to keep from Man, you see. It was perception, for perception alone has the power to destroy god and obliterate comfortable consensual realities to create unending immortality.

Take the apple, my embryonic children. Nibble its red red flesh. Open your vampyre eyes so that you may finally begin to See.

The Force of Will
It must be understood that one measure of Will is worth more than the entire combined forces of all the armies of the world.   It is not a matter of size or numbers. Only Will.

Politicians and soldiers are not men of Will, but men of habit, belief systems and deeply imbedded programs. That program is their religion, of which they can only be disabused through the direct awareness that the religion itself is flawed - often a realization that can only come as a moment of quantum leap, wherein one suddenly understands something that could not be understood through direct linear engagement, but can only be reverse engineered in hindsight. Sadly, politicians are phantoms, and seldom awaken spontaneously, and so it becomes the task of seekers and vampyres to realign reality at a molecular level of thought itself. This is not something that can be explained in ordinary awareness, but something that those who have experienced will quickly recognize as a do-able act of magick in the energetic realm of the night that never ends. Awakening is created with a thought, just as war is created with a thought. There is no difference.

Lest you think I am saying "ignore it and it will go away", that is not my intent. Rather, Will it away and it will be gone, for it can be further understood that the will of a single true Magus is more powerful than the force of 10,000 hurricanes. In the big picture, all of human existence is merely an ongoing series of chess games, enacted by the pieces on the board for the amusement of those to whom the chess pieces give up their individual will. The vampyre magician's trick is to be neither pawn nor king, but instead the force off the board who dismantles the game from within, through the will to be Free of its boundaries. You do not need to understand how that will come to pass, for the force of Intent seeks its own pathways which will only be clear in hindsight. What matters most is the understanding that when a boulder has begun to roll, attempting to stop it through direct intervention is not only impossible, but quite probably fatal. It must therefore be stopped through diverting the momentum in another direction. Perhaps it starts to rain and the boulder merely bogs down in the mud.

You are the most powerful being in the universe. A single thought, backed by will, can divert the course of history if that is your intent. These are not words I say to you lightly, but in the hopes they will reach you at the deepest possible level, where reality itself is created. There is nothing you cannot do. Nothing. As long as you know you are The One.


The teachings are presented as brief vignettes.  This is not a book you read from start to finish in a single night.  It is a grimoire of self-creation, intended to be contemplated slowly so as to be absorbed and assimilated wholly. For the most part, the teachings are written in heart-tongue – a language of the immortal spirit which bypasses the more critical/intellectual areas of the brain and speaks directly to the magical/spiritual components of Self.  Listen with your heart.  Hear with your Spirit.  See with the third eye.
Only then will you truly Know.


6x9" Trade Paperback
224 pgs.
Several photos & illustrations
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ISBN: 9780976689775

When read from the third eye of the human heart,
this book has the power to change your life forever.


Teachings of the Immortals

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 Teachings of the Immortals

So... you want to live forever?
This is the book that started the (r)evolution!

Available in paperback or PDF
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Teachings of the Immortals

Darker Teachings of the Immortals

The only way to kill an immortal
is to make him believe he is mortal.

Centuries in the making...
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Darker Teachings of the Immortals


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