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The only way to kill an immortal
is to make him believe he is mortal.

At last, a book that reveals knowledge
that has been suppressed for centuries
by religions, politicians and greed.

Darker Teachings of the Immortals




I tripped over a glitch in reality

   but when I looked

   nothing was there.


Abridged excerpts from TEACHINGS OF THE IMMORTALS




What makes a vampire's heart start to beat? None of us know but I believe it's anger, defiance, and fear: the insane need to defeat the reaper in his own bed at his own game of rape, the anger that transcends even the grave. If that's madness I want to be among the believers, you see. Will you join me? Do you have what it takes to defy the chosen God and gods of men? Can you go against that grain forever or is this a rebellious lark whose song will end before it begins?

If you learn nothing else from me, know this, for it is the secret to everafterlife:

When the blood turned to wine and the soul-deep cry of mystical belief became just a silly hymn to sing one day a week, when men hired prophets to see their visions and shamans to search for their souls and scribes to tell them what to believe and priests to feed them cookies and juice, when it became easier to settle for ritual and take a dip in a baptismal pond than steal a drink from the bleeding heartbeat of the immortal river's source or dare to swim in the pool of genes that will suck down those who don't believe, that was the day the brute got his scythe and man gave up his chance for real life. That was the day Magick died.
I am the greatest proponent of religion because I am the only god I know. This knowledge isn't for the masses. You live in a world that says I'm unreal, but have you asked yourself who says so and why?

Society damns those who make the search for the real thing real, they collaboratively curse you and me for pursuing this vampire reality and they call it insanity because they've given up any chance of finding immortal me, and they don't want eternal life to be real for others if not for themselves, so they create Death and make him more whole in The Program because it's simply, absolutely, without a doubt easier see? Better to believe in streets of gold and brimstone lakes and unseen cities in the sky than to believe they have the power to believe eternity real in any real sense of the word. They don't want my road because it's lined with snakes and eternally uphill and if they can't take a cab or a plane to immortality they'd rather pretend it's a fantasy island that fell into the sea in the days when Atlantis was a suburb of Greece.

My prayer for your mortal Self:

This life is over, my love, so close your eyes for the last time and make a wish. There's a single candle on the cake and it burns brightest behind your eyes. See it? Do you know it's really your soul already gone to vampire heaven? Now trust your intellect to take you the rest of the way and know it's an energy pure and whole unto itself, the flawless vehicle that will bring you home to eternal life. Yes, my baby. Close your eyes and we'll blow out the light together.

Is this truth or riddle? Ah, that is the riddle.


Perhaps you are aware by now that your mind is not really your own, but the result of a vast program which is known in the underworld as "the overlay". It is the belief systems and dogma which has been injected into your brain/mind since long before you were born, and is carried even in the DNA as a residual set of beliefs which are present even in infants. Consciousness itself isn't dictated by the brain, but may be an entirely separate field of energy - the so-called "ghost inside the machine." In and of itself, it is usually quite perfect - up until about the age of 3-5, when we begin to shift our awareness into alignment with the existing programs. Prior to that, we seemingly live in a somewhat idyllic existence, marred only by physical discomfort, hunger, etc. The parasite is more along the lines of "the foreign installation" as it's commonly called in other spiritual disciplines. It is not really an alien mechanism, but simply the energetic structure created by the hive mind of humankind. It's the "paradigm" to which most humans have agreed, and it had been laid down like a blanket over the entirety of humanity - and most are entirely unaware of it and function as well as can be expected under its rule.

The magician's trick is getting out from under the blanket so as to perceive the world as it is - not as we have been taught to believe. That's when we find ourselves in (initial) conflict with the world at large. We clearly *see* that the paradigm is a foreign installation (a flawed program on an otherwise pristine hard drive), but we are powerless to change that extant paradigm, and so we have to realign our own thinking/practices in such a way that allow us to be IN the world without being OF the world.


I don't think we're in kansas anymore...

Vampyreland is a state of mind that results in a state of evolved being, but the duality is that it's also a magickal castle which exists solely for its architect, so if you aren't building it with every move you make and every thought you think, it won't be there after the mortal fall and you could find yourself lost in an eternal dayshine maze rather than a citizen of the night that never ends, and the saddest part is that those who survive the transformation without making the quantum leap are shunned by both realities, damned souls living forever in limbo.

So yes, it's heaven and hell and earth all in the same space, each and none of the above, a triunal-duality-singularity existing beyond the programming, out of reach of the machine but welcoming seekers who let themselves see without preconceived prejudices of what they want to see. It's not a place created with daydreams but a physio-psycho-location beneath the overlay stage, the framework on which the grid itself rests, where sometimes the streets are made of gold and sometimes bleached bone, where the season can be autumn for you and winter for me, where the hag of Time is held prisoner in the bell tower, where the building blocks of reality aren't atoms and cells but raindrops and rhyme. It is a place of shadows thrown by darker shadows, where the source of light is sun and moon simultaneously but neither directly, ambient illumination seeping between the worlds just as muted light invades a sealed room at midday. And as that sealed room exists apart from the reach of the sun though built in the midst of it, so does vampyreland abide simultaneously in your world and mine, a quantum duality that's not difficult to comprehend when you Think about it.

So perhaps it's best if I tell you to uncreate the consensual continuum in order to reveal this separate reality beneath, for vampyreland is whole unto itself far more than the scripts and stages you humans presently inhabit, not just a world you create but one revealed one layer at a time. And while it's true there may be higher truths still, the first step is seeing that vampyreland is the first step on the neverending yellow brick road, yes? To continue the analogy, Dorothy should have stayed in Oz, for it was there that her dreams had color and substance. Returning to the consensual program is no longer an option once one has opened the door to vampyreland.


My beingness is that of particle and wave, matter and anti-matter – pixels of dreams which are projections of black light reflecting on the canvas of the self-willed Dream. This is the essence of the immortal: the substance of the dream and the will of the dreamer, two who are one working in quantum tandem to infuse the mortal human with the immortal essence of the dream itself. This is how you turn yourself wrongsideout and rightsidewrong, so as to right the wrong that was cast upon you when you were cast into your mortal reflection and lost connection with your immortal other. This is the I-Am not speaking in metaphor. This is the heart and soul of it, you see. This is how it is done and how it must be done if you are to succeed. This is the intersection between the breath and the breather, the fulcrum of light and shadow, the binding connection between self and twin.

What you must wholly and utterly understand beyond these faltering words is that in order to claim your immortal essence you must release the energetic chains which bind you to your humanness. What does this look like? Simply put, those chains are comprised of beliefs and fears and ideas and expectations. You could call them The Program, yet I fear that term has become stale and may slip past you (which is how the program works) and so it is imperative to pause and examine all those little beliefs which hold you prisoner to The Program itself, yes? All things die. Water is wet. Fire will burn. Space is vast. Humans are finite. Life is short. If it’s my time, it’s my time. If man were meant to fly, he would have wings. There are some things we aren’t meant to know. God is great, god is good, let us thank him for our food. Amen.

The list is vast. And that list is made of grim pixels of a different kind of dream – the human limits, the self-imposed boundaries, the mortal experience. It is the death song, and if you were to listen to your internal dialog when it thinks it can’t be heard, you would hear it telling you all those things and more, reinforcing its own directive, which is simply to keep you locked within the cage of your human box which is ultimately a coffin the program has been building for you since long before you were ever born.

What to do?

The essence of transcendence is magick and the essence of magick is the movement of will, and the movement of will is accomplished by willfully transcending The Program which determines your human nature. This not a riddle but a formulae for immortality. It is the decisive key which unlocks the door to a spontaneous parthenogenesis also known as transmogrification. This is my function – to tear through the veil of your cocoon in order to free the gypsy moth before she becomes just another unborn chrysalis, yes?

If you are hearing only the words and not the essence of magick with which they have been infused, you may feel irritated or restless and find yourself wanting to run away, back to the pleasant slumber of your human dreaming. If this is so, go no further but go back instead. Back to the breathing in of a frequency which is not already jammed by The Program itself. Often you will find it in the space between the brows, the pure and perfect place of silence where the internal dialogue has no access. Other times you may find it in your heart, in the nostalgic memory of some perfect moment when you simply knew the well-being of your infinite nature, when you dreamed of being newly awakened into a larger world. That is the frequency of the immortal animus – the sensation of breathing not just into the lungs but imbibing the lifeforce through every molecule of your corporeality, until the breath itself turns your corporeality upside down and so on, and you begin to be made of the very thing you are breathing: the essence of energy itself, wave of light, particle of darkness, each reflecting the other in perfect balance, the dance of the infinite captured in the act of breathing itself.

This is how we move in and out of the web of life so as not to be caught in the downward spiral which is death. There is a frequency unique to each individual which is the frequency of her immortality – the assemblage point of Self which may be strengthened and expanded through awareness & will to such an extreme that literally Death does not exist, for it is a frequency where death and dis-ease have no pixellated form, no cohesion, no avatar, no icon, and so no ability to invade or even touch that which is contrary to its own nature. If you are made of light, having acknowledged the darkness as your mirror, this is the essence of your beingness, and does not leave room for a toxic invader hiding behind the robes of the brute with the scythe.

Death, therefore, is defeated not by acceptance or denial, but by the removal of his existence on the frequency of your immortal transcendence. That which is comprised of immortality cannot be comprised of morality, and so Death falls away, an impotent toady, written out of the Dreamer’s script with the stroke of a joyful pen.

This is only the beginning, the tip of the iceberg’s dangerous tip, but it is here we must begin, for this is the highest level of awareness which must be embraced as the foundation of your transcendence. This is the secret to immortality – the turning of the frequency from finite to infinite, death to life. There is no margin for error here, no room for analogy or metaphor. This is the truth which underlies all immortality: the willful choice to become a penthouse resident of the energetic web instead of only renting a transient room in the ground floor for a brief interlude which humans call a life.

Here the wind is white,
the universe a sandstorm.
This, too, will soon pass.

And I will still be here, you see. This is the nature of I-Am. Transcendence. Here there are no limitations and fear is a demon locked in the dungeon forever. A long time. Forever. Do you want it? Do you want it enough? If you do, then take it with the full force of your being – grab it as you would grab a morsel of food when you are starving in the desert. Have no doubt. Do not hesitate. Define your reason. Demand it. Take it!

The only thing stopping you is the belief that you are mortal. When you change that frequency, when you release that debilitating belief, you will finally Be what you have always Dreamed.

-Mikal - December 2009






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Teachings of the Immortals

Darker Teachings of the Immortals

The only way to kill an immortal
is to make him believe he is mortal.

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Darker Teachings of the Immortals



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