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Frequently Asked Questions


Remember this:
Magick is only science not yet understood.

Teachings of the Immortals

How would you define a 'real vampyre'?

A real vampyre is someone who has attained the immortal condition through transmogrification.  The immortal condition may be defined as a state of being which has transcended organic form.  Also called inorganic beings.  Put simply, the immortal condition is a quantum state in which individuated consciousness and awareness would be attached to an energetic vessel as opposed to an organic one.  Real vampyres have achieved the immortal condition, but there are other manifestations of the immortal condition, some of which might include the faerie kingdom, shape-shifters, skinwalkers and far more.

What are the attributes of an immortal?

True immortals do not need to drink blood, sleep in coffins, or any of the usual Hollywood depictions. Many may choose to engage a certain lifestyle for purely personal, sexual, or aesthetic reasons, but the truth is that real vampyres walk among us in daylight and in the night, and unless it were their intent, you could not distinguish them from any other (seemingly) human being. The immortal is a transformed human - meaning that s/he is no longer confined within the limits of an organic body, but has instead attained a quantum state wherein s/he might rightly be called an "energy being" or (ironically) a being of light.

Why would you say real vampyres are beings of light?

Light is simply energy in motion.  In the quantum universe, immortals are beings who are operating at the level of pure energy, at the frequency range of light. It is ironic that legend paints the vampyre as a 'creature of darkness'. Like most legends, there is some truth underlying the myth. Vampyres are said to cast no reflection, and while there are many levels of truth and untruth to that, in relation to this question, it might be considered that light is only visible in contrast to darkness. For that reason, it might be perceived that vampyres only come out at night.  Not true, of course, but a misperception not unlike the once popular notion that the earth is flat. Because vampyres are more easily *seen* at night, the human world assumes they only come out at night and so the myths have evolved in that direction, including all manner of speculation and fictions surrounding the simple truth. Consider also that light has a broad range: from ultraviolet to the brightest red. Only part of that spectrum is visible to the naked eye, so a being moving on the ultraviolet band of the spectrum would be invisible, for all intents & purposes.

You mentioned vampyres casting no reflection.  True or untrue?

Again, this is a human misperception. As stated above, only part of the spectrum of light is visible to the human eye. A true immortal who has learned to manipulate his energy body may easily shift to the ultraviolet end of the spectrum, where s/he would not only be invisible, but would, automatically, cast no reflection.

This is all fine and good, but doesn't it take the romantic allure out of the whole thing?

Only if you let it. It's important to define what you really want from the world of the vampyre. To those who are only seeking entertainment or titillation, this may not be the place for you. For those seeking actual immortal transmogrification, however, it is important to understand the nature and the essence of the thing being sought. The information and knowledge offered here is primarily for those seeking a quantifiable, metamagickal transformation from mortal to immortal. While we cannot guarantee that all who seek it will accomplish it, what we offer here are the truths behind the myths, the reality behind the fantasy, the tools for doing what the consensual reality tells us cannot be done.

This site is about deprogramming our minds from the clutter and dogma which bind us to our mortal organic form until such time as we invoke our Will to allow the impossible. That being said, there is nothing more 'romantic' than the idea of freedom. And a being who is free may experience his reality in any manner he chooses. As the old law is written: 'As it harms none, do as you Will.'  Will is the essence. What you wish is not the same thing as what you Will. Will is the moving force of creation. Through Will, someone who has achieved the immortal condition may take the form of a vampyre so as to take advantage of that romantic allure; or s/he may choose no form at all... a wisp of fog at the edge of a cemetery gate. There are no limits other than those the seeker places on himself. Be what you Will.



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