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The teachings offered here may be more suited for those who have already formed a foundation of magickal Intent - in other words, advanced practitioners - although even newcomers may learn if they are willing to apply themselves with diligence.  First and foremost, it is assumed that those who seek at these transformational levels have already taken upon themselves the task of undoing the dayshine programs which otherwise govern and control the intellectual and magickal processes required by this type of spiritual endeavor.

The teachings are often like Zen koan - some may appear straightforward and even obvious, while others will require meditative contemplation in the Realm of Silence.  Listen with your heart, therefore.  Hear with your spirit.  See with the third eye.  Make no judgments, but come with open heart and mind.

Without a firm grasp of Self, there is a potentially high risk of mental and spiritual distress which could result from these teachings, because ultimately they will challenge your existing belief systems about life and death to the core - and if the mind cannot bend like a willow, it will snap like a twig.  So, be advised... proceed with caution and only if you understand fully that there comes a point - rather quickly - from which there is no going back to the comfort zones of your old beliefs.  This is where your old world is destroyed so as to free the mind for entry into the night that never ends.

This is the door to eternity.  Enter at your own risk.

Abridged excerpts from...
Teachings of the Immortals


Death: A Non-Quantifiable Non-Entity

Everything is energy at the quantum level. With one glaring exception - Death. Why is death not energy? Because death is the state of no-thing, non-existence personified and manifested. Only when one understands that sufficiently to do something about it does one have the slightest possibility of attaining the immortal condition.

... keep in mind that death is the catalyst to immortality. Think about it.

The state known as "death" is non-quantifiable. It can only be defined in negatives - the "absence of life" or "the cessation of bodily functions" or "ceasing to be." When the seeker begins to really wrap his mind around this, it has the potential to be life-altering, or at least paradigm-shifting. Because it is a non-quantifiable integer, the question must be asked... does it exist at all? We perceive the effects of it, but what is the thing itself that causes these effects? As the seeker ponders this over time, it may begin to be clearer that death itself is a program within the program - but more accurately, it is a virus in the program. Eliminate the virus and a new world of possibility opens. But unless the seeker recognizes the virus for what it is, s/he may proceed under the (false) assumption that death is "natural" part of the human condition. If it were... it would be comprised of energy. It isn't. Therefore... for anyone who is a forward thinker, this opens a whole new can of nasty worms that really must be addressed if the seeker is really dedicated to the notion of spiritual evolution.

Without the virus of death, humans would already be immortal. It is the existence of death (which is a non-existence) that provides the impetus for the seeker to evolve beyond the existing paradigm. The seeker who claims s/he is not afraid of death is either 1) a liar; 2) already conjoined to the twin; or 3) has evolved sufficiently to *see* beyond the existence of that which is non-existent.

To anyone who has transcended the program, no explanation is necessary. To anyone who hasn't...  no explanation is possible, except within the experience of the thing itself.

Darker Teachings of the Immortals


The destruction of faith is the beginning of evolution.

For as long as you have faith that your fate rests in the hands of another being - including and especially some quasi-notion of a 'god' - you have surrendered your fate to faith and cannot evolve. To become an immortal requires a release of all previous belief systems, a renouncing of all faith in external salvation.  I am the only god I know.  I create myself with a thought and end unreal worlds with a wish.  This is what it means to be a vampire - to be the sole master of my own fate, the absolute Creator of my destiny.


The world is nothing like you have been taught to believe.

The earth is flat.  Man will never fly.  The earth is at the center of the universe.  Women are intellectuallly inferior to men.  The Christian God is the only god.  All things die. There's no such thing as vampires.  Immortality is impossible.

Think about it.  The world we live in is comprised of agreements and consensus - but who's to say if what we are taught about that world and about ourselves is true on any level?  If you are to be successful in your bid for immortality, the first step you must take is to undo the auto-programming which holds you prisoner to the existing consensus.  This is done largely by taking onto yourself a keen awareness of everything you say, think and do.  Are you responding with truth, or simply the rhetoric of The Program itself?  It is only when we embrace the authenticity of ourselves that we have sufficient power to create the immortal other.  (See also, "You must be a vampire before you will know how to become a vampire.")  Most phantoms go through life playing various roles, reciting scripts from their internal dialogue, and going through a series of motions which are what they think they "should" do, as opposed to what is genuinely authentic to themselves.  Why?  Because they have been taught to believe that these actions are expected of them by society, their peers, their parents, the world at large.  Until you are authentic, you are still a phantom.  Phantoms do not become vampires.  They simply remain phantoms until the day they die. 

To read more from The Darker Teachings... Pay No Attention To That Man Behind the Curtain


You must be immortal before you will know how to become immortal.

This is the riddle and the answer and the conundrum.  A hint to give you wings:  it is a statement of fact from the quantum perspective of the vampire kingdom.  You cannot be what you cannot perceive - but not all perception resides within the mortal form.  There is the dayshine self and the vampyre twin.  What the dayshine self sees is seen only with the five senses and easily dismissed by the programs of your consensus.  What the immortal twin Sees is perceived through the seventh sense: the 5 physical senses, the traditional 6th sense, and the cohesive energy body which brings all perception together in a unified field.  The answer to the riddle, though, is not as simple as it may appear.  To BE immortal, you must create and inhabit the dreaming body of the vampire twin.  This is not a metaphor, but a magickal fact.  Only from the perspective of the vampyre twin (the higher self, the Dreaming body) will you possess the Knowledge and awareness through which your immortal self teaches & nurtures your mortal self.  This is the essence of self-creation.  The twin may one day say to you:  you created me to create you.  You dreamed me to dream you.  This is the nature of transmogrification, transcendence, immortality.



The core of your beliefs determines the realities you see and obliterates those you choose to ignore.

Stop.  Breathe.  Listen to your internal dialogue as it tells you what to think, what to do, how to be.  And then stop again.  Breathe.  And ask yourself how much of that internal dialogue is true, and how much of it is nothing more than beliefs, grocery lists, judgments, self-recriminations, doubts, fears, and the programming noise that serves to keep you in line with The Program itself.  What you believe governs what you will do.  If you believe you will fail, you will fail.  If you believe you will succeed, chances are you will succeed - or at the very least you will remove the self-created obstacles which otherwise insure failure.  Simple enough.  But the rabbit hole goes deeper.  If you believe in God, will you ever look beyond your belief?  If you believe in nothing (true atheism) will you ever allow any other possibility?  How does this apply to the idea of immortality? What does it have to do with vampires?  Simple.  If you have been programmed to believe vampires don't exist, you have been programmed to not-see what may be right in front of you, even in your own mirror.  If you believe you are truly mortal, there is no possibility for you to become immortal.  This is the essence of The Work - the undoing of the programs which keep mortals from experiencing their full potential. 



The only way to destroy an immortal is to make him believe he is mortal.

What if I said you are already immortal?  You are already a vampire, a being of energy capable of incredible feats, and with the power to live forever?  Stop again.  Listen to the response of your internal dialog.  Does it argue with adamant negations?  Does it tell you you're just a mortal fool?  If so, this defines where your work must begin.  Stopping the internal dialogue is the first step to learning to hear the voice of the vampire twin - the higher self, the dreaming self, the immortal self outside of time.  What you may not realize is that there is a sinister force at work which may be viewed in terms of the social mind, the hive mind, the collective mind, or what some mystics have called the foreign installation.  Whatever you call it, know this:  it is the 'foreign' mind in that it's sole function is to maintain the status quo of the collective consensus reality.  It is the Agent Smith operating in plain sight with your agreement and approval until such time as it is recognized and excised.  This, too, is part of The Work.  Ah, but for as long as you are governed by the social mind, you may not even believe The Work is a viable possibility.


To be Whole one must first be able to Be alone.  To Be alone is to Be Whole.

If you cannot be alone with yourself for a few hours each day without the necessity of outside stimulation, how do you think you will be able to face eternity?  Yes, it is true we can make immortal friends and even conjoin to experience Other-as-Self.  But we must be alone and separate and cohesive within the Self before we can do any of these other things.  Without that self-reliance, without the ability to stand as a silhouette against the fierce light of Infinity, as a contrasting shadow against the backdrop of eternity, we are lost in the fragmentary torment that knows no end, and we become chaos with awareness but without cohesion.

To be Whole one must first be able to Be alone.  To Be alone is to Be Whole.


You are the Creator of reality.

There are no more fairies or dragons left in your world because man has believed them away or locked them up in children's books. Every time we hear the words: That's just a fairy tale (or) There's no such thing as vampires, whole worlds end... and if you're not careful you start believing it too.

Ah, but what will happen when the world stops believing in you?


Meditation is the absorption of evolution.

Meditation is where the words become part of the who you are instead of only words rattling in your mind, the action through which you internalize previously external concepts so they may act through you instead of only upon you.  Meditation is the absorption of evolution, the missing link between the dayshine kingdom and vampyreland.

Thinking is the manner in which an evolving being communicates with itself, stripping away overlay programming until it becomes possible to See a separate reality capable of being inhabited. Not the consensual prattle inhabiting the idle mind, Thinking is the forward momentum of one question flowing into the next, guided by will toward definable goals which manifest only at the edge of human consciousness, and if you don't try to see what those words mean they'll be your epitaph sooner than you Think.

Before you can Think you must make the world stop thinking for you through all the passive-nothing-humming you do, and that means breaking old patterns which are just the machine lullabying you into lazy complacency.  Saying you don't have words to express yourself can at times be true, and yet it can also be an excuse for not-doing which will ultimately be the death of you if you let it passively continue. The answers are within you and defining them through the question is the only way they become visible long enough to see their meaning, see?  This is why the communion between the mortal Self and the immortal twin must be nurtured to a fine art of Silent Knowing which transcends all humanform dimensions.


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 Teachings of the Immortals

So... you want to live forever?
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Teachings of the Immortals

Darker Teachings of the Immortals

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