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Teachings of the Immortals

(Un)Common Sense
The Do-s and Don't-s of Staying Alive



1.  Drinking blood won't make you immortal.

It might make you dead.  The reality of reality is this:  drinking blood is an idea that came from Hollywood, which most likely got the notion from some old myths of corpses rising from the grave to drink the blood of the living in order to stay alive.  But to those who have educated themselves with regard to those old myths, it is easy to discern that what a vampire feeds upon is "lifeforce".  In other cultures, it may be known as anima, prana, ki, chi, pneuma, or mana.  There are hundreds of names for it, but what it really comes down to is one word:  energy. 

Energy is abundant.  It is all around you, and so it may be gleaned from the plants, trees, the earth, or even the air itself.  Sure, it can even be found in human beings and animals, but there is seldom any real need to take from someone else what you can easily absorb directly from the environment.  And, in fact, energy absorbed from the universal source is far more pure than that to be found anywhere else.  Why?  Because it is "free energy" as opposed to energy already in use.  Put another way: easier to drink from a rushing river as opposed to trying to squeeze water out of a cactus.

When do you feel most alive?  Without a doubt, those are the times when you are in direct contact with lifeforce, when you are feeding on life without taking or harming life.  In the quantum universe, we are conduits of energy - eternal vessels through which energy moves and evolves.  To the immortal spirit who masters this knowledge, all things become possible.  The vampire myth reveals itself as the blueprint for immortality. 

2.  All life is sacred.

Anyone who seeks immortality must first understand the simplicity of that statement.  To destroy life is to thwart evolution.  Immortality is an evolution, not a birthright.  Therefore, no individual who seeks to attain the immortal condition would have any interest in killing or harming other lifeforms.  This includes animals most especially.  If you are operating under the delusion that blood sacrifices or the letting of blood will earn you the respect or attention of the immortal kingdom, think again. 

Obviously all living creatures are predators, and all are prey.  This is simply nature's balance.  For that reason, awareness of all of your actions and the reasons for them is crucial.  If you are someone who eats meat (as many of us are), do it with the knowledge that this being gave its life to nourish your body.  Have awareness.  Waste nothing.  Take what you need but always remember: today you are the predator, tomorrow you may be the prey.  Treat your prey as you would hope to be treated were your situations reversed.  Be reverent of Life, and in doing so you will discover the ultimate reverence for the Self.


3.  Believe nothing, follow no one.

What is offered on this website is information and knowledge.  This is not a religion nor a social organization.  We have no qualms about either if that is what you are seeking, but you won't find it here.

Believe nothing.  If you find something on this site that intrigues you, test it for yourself.  Accept nothing on faith.  "The destruction of faith is the beginning of evolution."  For as long as you are a "believer," you are not a true seeker of the immortal order.  Think about it.  All things begin with a thought - including and especially a transformation of monumental proportions such as transmogrification, transmutation or biological alchemy.  The immortal condition is not a gift, but rather an achievement based on Intent and Will.

Follow no one.  If you choose to work with an earthly teacher, remember to engage common sense.  If any teacher asks you to do something or perform some action that is illegal or questionable, by all means QUESTION IT!  You will not become an immortal by following some idiot who may be nothing more than an earthly imbecile on an ego trip.  Make no mistake, there are lots of people out there who would tell you they are already immortal, real vampires, magicians, sorcerers and the like.  Maybe some of them really are - but it's always up to YOU to use your head and think for yourself.  Immortality is a real state, a quantum state, an infinite state, but its allure has led humans to their deaths since the invention of Time. 

Do not be led into disaster by desire.

4.  Open Mind, Open Heart

What you may or may not realize is that you are programmed to accept the world with which you have been presented. Put another way, you have been socially conditioned to believe certain things without questioning their veracity.  "All things die."  "There's no such thing as real vampires."  "Salvation lies with God."  The list is endless and as you begin your journey toward the immortal condition, one of the first steps you must take is to undo your own programming so as to be able to See the world as it is, and not as you have been told it is.  Keep in mind, the human race was once told the earth was flat.  The science of the day 'proved' it, the church sanctioned it, and anyone who questioned it was executed as a heretic.

Not much has changed since then. Sure, we know the earth isn't flat, but beyond that anyone who questions the status quo is essentially seen as a threat to it and treated accordingly.  So our goal here is to give you the tools for Seeing beyond the consensus reality, but at the same time to encourage you to use (un)common sense in how you deal with that same reality. Butting your head against the consensus won't make you immortal.  Only working beyond the consensus will do that - but make no mistake.  It is not an easy process, nor one that will occur overnight.  What it requires is diligence and, most of all, an open mind and heart.  If you think you already know all there is to know about vampires or the world or life and death, then you can learn nothing.  Think about it.  And open yourself to the realm of infinite possibility.

More will be added as time goes by... and by... and by.

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